The new year eve party is one that everyone looks forward to. It is an occasion that people across countries, religions, ages and genders celebrate with extreme joy. While attending a party can be fun, hosting one is not easy. But volunteering to host a party will surely earn you some brownie points with your friends. It can also make you the most sought-after person in your circle, as everyone would want to be invited. But to make it successful, you must know how to host the best new year party in town.

Essential Tips On How To Host The Best New Year Party

Hosting a new year party has many advantages. It makes you famous, and it is also an opportunity to show your capabilities as a host. If you purchased a new house or furniture, such parties also provide a chance to show these off to your friends. But hosting a party for your friends and their families is no small matter. It requires days of planning and organizing to make it successful. Here are some suggestions to make the party a grand success and the talk of the town at least for a few days.

Choose A Nice And Simple Theme

Simple Theme Party

There are no parties now without a theme. It is fun seeing everyone dressed up in a similar manner. But when you select a theme, make it simple and easy for everyone to execute. It is also worth remembering that people expect everything to be in the same colours and design when you select a theme. When looking at how to host the best new year party at your house, you must also see if you can match the decor and other party items to the theme you selected.

Once you have selected the party theme, it is best to inform the guests. When you send the invite, you can mention the theme in that. There are also various sites that will customize the invite based on your theme. These sites have theme templates that you can use easily. You can also check these to get inspiration for the theme. Having a themed party is really fun, and it will itself become a point of discussion at the party. That will surely keep the guests engaged for a long time.

Timing Is Crucial For The Success Of The Party

Girl Is Holding A Clock
Timing is Must For the New Year Party

Everyone knows that new year parties can last long. Sometimes they can become so long that guests are tired by midnight and only think of ending the affair and getting back home. If there are kids invited to the event, then it can become even more tiring for the parents. A party that extends to more than a couple of hours will also mean that you must be ready with so many fun items to keep the people interested till the end. You don’t wish your guests to be wiped out by 11 pm.

Starting late is one of the tips for how to host the best new year party. If new year eve is a working day, it is better to start late because everyone will get time to freshen up and dress appropriately before they arrive at the party. Starting late will also help to keep the event going actively till midnight. You can suggest that the guests arrive any time after 9 pm. By the time everyone comes and settles down, it will be time for the real action to begin.

Let The Guests Make Their Drinks

Women Making Cocktails in Table Bar At Home

One of the things that the host is tasked with is mixing the drink for the guests. If you are not hiring any professionals to do the job, it is best to let the guests do their mixing. You can leave all the drinks and the other items on the bar. You can also keep the garnishes there for the guests to choose what they want. This way, you can enjoy the party and have a couple of cocktails in peace instead of shaking drinks for others.

When you wonder how to host the best new year party, you must also think about how to start the new year fresh. You don’t want to be washing glasses in the morning after a long party. Serve the drinks in disposable glasses. Ensure there are enough dust bins in the hall for people to dispose of the used glasses. This will make cleaning much easier. It will also save your precious cocktail glasses from going missing or broken.

Have The Right Music For The Party

Setting Right Music For The Party
Setting Right Music For The Party

There is no party without music and dance. So, how do you decide what music to play? Do you know everyone’s taste? What if you are not really a music enthusiast and at a loss at knowing what will be the right party music? The best thing to do is to crowdsource songs. Ask everyone to send their favourite songs. Listen to a lot of them and choose what you feel will be most suitable for the party. This way, everyone gets to hear their favorite songs.

One of the very important suggestions on how to host the best new year party is to start playing slow numbers at the beginning and slowly build up the tempo. It is not good for the guests to be tired by the main part of the event. Let the guests down a couple of drinks and have loosened up a bit before you start the fast songs. It is also better to make sure that nobody has access to the speakers, or otherwise, people will hijack it and keep repeating their favourite songs.

Organize A Few Games To Keep The Guests Entertained

Playing Card Games in New Year Night
Playing Card Games in New Year Night

Ask anyone how to host the best new year party, and they will tell you that games are vital for its success. Don’t start the games till the time guests start to feel less energetic. Dancing can become tiring after some time. There is also the possibility that guests can form groups and talk among themselves instead of mixing with everyone. If you are a newcomer to the locality and have a lot of guests you don’t know well, then games are the best way to break the ice and get people to come closer.

Choose the games carefully. There are certain party games that are universal. These will be known to everyone and don’t need much explanation. Bingo or Housie is a game that is played at most parties. It will keep your guests entertained for a long time. You can even have repeat rounds if there is time and people are tired of music and dance. There must be games for kids if they are invited, and someone to conduct them. It is best not to have games that are too competitive to make it a serious affair.

Have Fun With Resolutions

Writing a New Year Resolution on Resolution Board

New year resolutions are a tradition that goes back to time immemorial. People take various resolutions only to break them by the end of the week. There are a few who may stick with them strictly. You can have fun with the resolutions. Ask everyone to write down fun resolutions about stopping some of their obsessions or bad habits. It will help people come out with their weaknesses without anyone ridiculing them seriously. One may also be able to get help from others who have had problems stopping some habits.

Place small bits of paper and pen. Ask guests to write a resolution and put them in a disposable cup. At the end of the party, you can keep aside some time for reading them and getting the guests to talk about their resolutions. It can also be fun. Someone may come up with a really funny resolution that can bring laughter from others. It is an excellent way to get the guests to know each other. This could be another way to lighten the evening and have a bit of fun when everyone is tired.

Give Them Good Memories Of The Night

Polaroid Images Clicked on New Year Party

People will remember your party for many days if it was extraordinary. But then all memories fade when they become busy with their work and other preoccupations. How to give them permanent reminders of the excellent party that you hosted? Give them a memento that will take them to the party night every time they see it. Nothing can be better than a photo of them enjoying the party. Have a photographer click people when they are in their elements. You can also have a booth set up with the year mentioned and a decorative backdrop.

It is not enough to know how to host the best new year party. You must also know how to make people remember it for a long time. That is the only way to reward yourself for all the hard work. Have the photos printed then and there. Have the party themed photo frames ready and hand over the pictures when guests leave your place. It can be the best memento, and everyone will surely love seeing candid pictures of them and their family enjoying the event. They will also get a couple of photos clicked at the booth.

It is not enough to host a good party. You must also make sure that people reach home safely after the event. Find out the teetotalers and make arrangements with them to drop other guests home safely and without breaking any law. You can also reward these people with a special note of thanks and a gift sent to them at a later date. People will surely thank you for your concern about their safety.

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