The heat of summer is finally here! The summers can be a tough time for your plants at home, and they need proper care to stay in optimum health. Protect your plants from taking the brunt of the harsh light so that they don’t end up high and dry on these sunny days. Here are some simple helpful Tips to take care of flowers in summer to protect them from the rising temperatures and severe light.

Tips to Take Care of Flowers from the Wrath of Summer

Water Them More Often

Although every plant has its tendency to be watered and you need to take care of them accordingly. However, the plants tend to lose water sooner than usual during the summer season, so an extra dose of watering won’t be a problem. Make sure you hydrate your plans well and deeply. Don’t add a lot of water altogether. Keep it slow so that the water reaches the roots gradually and takes its own time to absorb through the soil. Watering the plants heavily during summers will allow the lowest layer of the soil to absorb the moisture, and they won’t get dehydrated.

Tips to Take Care of FlowersShading

Sunlight is one of the most important things that your plants need. However, some plants are very sensitive in nature and bothering them with over-the-top heat and light can deteriorate their health and cause leaf burn. So, make sure that you add a shade over such plants, which are sensitive and have delicate flowers, so that they don’t dry out because of the heat. Also, keep the flowers highly hydrated when you put them out in the sun so that they have enough water to retain even if they are directly under the sun.

Tips to Take Care of FlowersFeed Them Well

Just like us, plants tend to lose energy more so than often during the summer season. Thus, they require proper feeding so that they get all the nutrition they require to carry on their natural processes and stay healthy during the heat of the summer. You can prepare a fertilizer mix for your indoor plants to feed them. Mix this fertilizer deposit well into the soil so that it gets absorbed with the water and reaches the roots for proper nutrition. Although plants don’t require fertilizers all through the year, they do require additional nutrients during summer because the days are longer in summer.

Don’t Place Your Plants Very Close to Glass Windows

If you place your flower plants near the windows during peak summer days when the heat and light are quite high, the glasses may act as a magnifying glass and burn the leaves and delicate petals of your flower plants. This can cause reddish-brown sunburned splotches on your leaves and petals. That is why it is important that you keep your plants one foot away from the windows at your home so that they don’t get damaged due to the magnifying effect of the sun.

Tips to Take Care of FlowersTry Not to Repot the Plants During Summers

Reporting of plants requires trimming of leaves, unsettling of roots, leaves getting damaged, etc. This can cause stress to the plant because of the heat in the summer, which can damage the plants and make them dry and even cause them to die. That is why, if you want to repot your plants, then you can do it before the summer season begins so that your plants can develop a survival front.

Prevent and Control Pests 

Pests can also thrive on your plants during the summer season because it is their breeding time, and the water, fertilizers, and sunlight can make them bloom onto the plants and make them unhealthy. So, make sure that you regularly check your indoor flower plants for any pests, if available. Make sure that you use pesticides to keep the pests away from your plants. If you find a pest infection in your plants, then make sure to fix it as soon as possible so that it does not spread all through the plant and cause it to get unhealthy. 

Tips to Take Care of FlowersReplace the Soil

Another important thing to follow during summer days for your flower plants at home is that you need to make sure that you replace the soil every regular interval so that it is well nourished to cater to your plants. Thoroughly fertilizing the soil and hydrating it can be good for the health of the plants. It also makes absorption of nutrients from fertilizers and water easier and retains the nutrients and moisture longer into the roots of the plants to keep them nourished and hydrated all through the day. 

Add Colour to Your Garden

The more, the merrier! Summers are a wholesome time to add colours to your garden because flowers bloom well during summer. So, you can take advantage of the season and add as much colour to your garden as possible. This will surely make your garden look vibrant and positive and highlight that part of your house.

Weeding and Pruning are Also Vital

Pruning makes your garden look beautiful and also keeps it well maintained. It is not only a way to keep your garden looking pretty but also crucial to care for them. You need to prune out unwanted leaves and foliage so that the plants can retain water better and there is less loss of water as well. This method is helpful in transpiration. Removing weeds is again an important step in taking care of your flower plants at home because that makes the plants get enough nutrition from the soil. 

Add Mulch to Your Flower Plants This Summer

Mulch made from tree bark, lawn clippings, shredded leaves, and newspaper keeps the soil hydrated. This will keep the soil surface cool and also aid in hydration. Mulch also prevents the plants from getting weeds. Make sure to move the mulch around every few days so that the mulch decompresses.


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