Express your feelings of kindness, appreciation, and good thought by presenting flowers and gifts on Ramadan- a harbinger of hope, peace, and new beginnings. Flowers spread joy and are a perfect gift to brighten the days of your close friends, family members, and loved ones.

Significance of flowers in Ramadan

There is a special place in Islam for roses, which are called the flowers of Heaven. Roses are believed to represent the soul with their fragrance, conveying the beauty of God, love, and piety. Roses are often a common occurrence during weddings imbued with joy and celebration.

What better way to achieve unity with God than adorning home and office with divine flowers on Ramadan?

Importance of Sending Flowers and Gifts on Ramadan

Sharing gifts during Ramadan is a time-honored tradition of keeping the festive spirit alive among Muslim brothers. An amazing floral bouquet of red roses or pink Asiatic lilies can aptly express your love and best wishes to your inner circles of family and friends.

Arabian Flora has an eclectic collection of the best flower bouquets of lilies, roses, orchids, carnations, and other splendid blooms. Ramadan encourages self-control through fasting, which makes gifting floral blooms and prayer rugs an ideal choice to keep our friends and loved ones on the path of devotion.

Ramadan is an auspicious time for Muslims. Apart from the worship and prayers, people observe fasts to ensure that they adhere to the spiritual principles of Islam. The holy month of Ramadan encourages catharsis and forgiveness to forge a closer bond with Allah. With flowers and gifts, we can seek forgiveness from friends and family, remove ill feelings, and fill all of us with a common spiritual brotherhood.

Let us go through a list of the amazing gift ideas for Ramadan in 2022 to spread joy among your loved ones.

Flowers bouquet

Ramadan signifies universal brotherhood. There is no more a perfect gift than an exquisite bouquet as they represent positive emotions such as love, care, and hope. Make the lives of your friends and close ones bright and cheerful through a meaningful gift of flowers, and guide their hearts and homes in enduring faith.

Fruit Baskets for Family

Conveying wishes of good fortune is an amazing way to celebrate Ramadan. Fruit baskets are delicious and send the message of healthy living to our near and dear. Fruit baskets have the added advantage of being light on your wallet and are also a potent gift to spread brotherly feelings.


The selection of the right flowers and gifts may be burdensome for those who are hard-pressed for time. A convenient option is gifting chocolates due to their general likeability, especially among kids and teenagers. In the holy month of Ramadan, spread the joy of friendship by sending a box of chocolates. Another wonderful option is to gift a combo of chocolates and flowers, which showcases your thoughtfulness and sends a lovely message to a special one in life.

Gifts on Ramadan-Shopping Gift Cards

Apart from chocolates, shopping gift cards make perfect sense, as it empowers your loved ones with the freedom to choose the things they want the most. Modern gifting trends are tilting towards shopping cards suitable for young people. Imagine the happiness of your young nieces and nephews when they buy clothes and books during Ramadan using gift cards.

 Gifts on RamadanPerfumes

We should give this gift with due discretion, as some puritan Muslims do not appreciate the idea of alcohol-based perfumes. In progressive families, perfumes make a splendid gift for expressing your everlasting love to your special ones during Ramadan.

Scarves and Abayas

Honouring tradition during Ramadan has a unique significance in Islam. There is nothing more honorable than gifting Abayas to pass on the message of purity and the sanctity of the human body. Gifting the trendiest Abayas women during Ramadan is a wonderful example of tradition intermingling with modernism.

Meaning of different flowers Gifted to Family and Friends on Ramadan

Pink Oriental Lilies

Traditionally, Pink Oriental Lilies are a wonderful way to honour your mother. These flowers symbolise purity and chastity, making them the ideal gift for honouring the sacred principle of self-control during Ramadan. These flowers are also a symbol of rebirth and can send the message of revival and self -transformation.

White Orchids

As a symbol of hope, white orchids spread hope and reflect on the positive aspects of life. White orchids are also associated with beauty and refinement of the soul since ancient times.

A Vase of White orchids exemplifies hope and innocence. It expresses gratitude to all those who made a difference in our lives.

 Purple Chrysanthemums

These flowers are a great visual expression of honesty, truth, and loyalty. Spiritual friendship with the Prophet is one of the undying tenets of Islam.

Asiatic Lilies

These gorgeous flowers are an amazing gift to your close circle of friends as they radiate positivity. Asiatic Lilies come in an amazing assortment of colours at Arabian Flora, the go-to-destination for getting the best floral arrangement for your money.

Spread joy among family on Ramadan with gifts

There is nothing more important than family. No amount of money can match a well-thought-out gift that will stay with them for their entire lifetime. The best gift ideas for Ramadan convey grace and glory to God.

Tasbeeh & Prayer Rug

Nothing can be better than gifting a beautiful Tasbeeh to a spiritual family and helping them to partake in God’s almighty grace. What can be more sacred than the devoted repetition of God’s name during Ramadan? A prayer rug is the ultimate gifting choice to a newly married couple and helps them bond their union in the divine love of God.

Gifts on Ramadan-Fragrant Candles

Strengthen the faith of your loved ones by presenting aromatic candles. When you are on a budget, this is the most practical gift that will also enhance the devotion of the younger generation and lead them on the path of God.

 Comfortable Shoes

Men are the torchbearers of discipline and lead the family with purity, innocence, fasting, and charity. Honour the special men in your life during Ramadan by gifting them leather sandals that will ensure their comfort, as many men during Ramadan prefer walking on foot.

Flower Arrangement Ideas  for Ramadan

Be Creative with Mason jars

The aesthetics of home interiors can be enhanced by filling the mason jars with the choicest of flowers. Spread vintage vibes by adding freshly cut flowers, taking the ambience to a new level. Flowers in a mason jar stress the celebratory spirit of Ramadan and fill the surrounding people with positive emotions.

Final Takeaway

Flowers are nature’s representation of human souls. Gifting floral arrangements is a memorable way to celebrate the auspicious month of Ramadan. Visit Arabian Flora to get the best ideas for gifting flowers and shine your generosity brightly on those who need it.

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