10 Flowers Perfect For A Desert Wedding

rose arabian
rose arabian

Walking through the glorious garden with beautiful flowers at the peak would be a great option on this beautiful day. Picking the right flowers would be great for the wedding. Wedding flowers are quite an amazing way to decorate everything with the beautiful color theme. There is no need to get hue right however when getting married in the UAE, it is necessary to bear in mind long-lasting heat. From flower pins to the all-important bouquet, Flowers adds vibrancy on this big day so that it would be quite easier for enabling more beauty to the venue. In fact, nobody likes to see the beautiful flowers wilting and it is important to choose the best one accordingly. Having trouble deciding thousands of varieties of flowers? Below are the 10 flowers perfect for a desert wedding:



Roses are ultimate romantic flowers making every bridal bouquet look more elegant and beautiful. Rose is the symbol of beauty and love which also figures fairy tales and myths. Rose is the most versatile flowers of all when it comes to color. Roses are available in the solid, stripped, bi-color, and tipped varieties. There are more than 3,000 varieties of roses grown across the world. Gorgeous rose bouquets are the excellent highlight suitable for giving classic flowers for wedding. Not every flower is scented. Wedding flowers differ from other types and it includes.

    • Hybrid Tea Roses – uniformly-shaped commercial roses
    • Spray Roses – 5 to 10 small heads on the stem
    • Garden Roses – old-fashioned varieties, delicious scents and expensive



Tulip is also a native of Persia and it is most often associated with the Netherlands. Tulip represents love and happy years so it is considered as the best choice of flowers for weddings. Tulip is grown in a wide range of colors that includes the cream along with its pastels that includes white, yellow, peach, and pink. Tulip is also available in the vibrant hues that include reds, purples, and magenta. Tulip flowers are available throughout the year. Some of the varieties are

    • Dutch tulips – Seen at neighborhood florist shops
    • French tulips – elegant and expensive
    • Parrot tulips – ruffled and striped petals with intense colors



Peony flowers are strong and bright scented flowering plant that is mainly found in Asia, America, and Europe. Peony symbolizes happy marriage and good fortune. These beautiful looking floral is the state flower of Indiana and symbol of China. In fact, the beautiful looking flowers would grow in a variety of colors that includes the red, white as well as yellow. Peony flowers are mostly used for the modern wedding in desert regions as it gives a beautiful look on the wedding day. With different colors to choose from, it would definitely be quite an inspiration. Bouquet made with the Peony flowers would be gorgeous and it can also be used for creating the beautiful centerpieces as well as arrangements. Peony flowers are expensive bloom only available based on the season from late spring to early summer. Beautiful Peony flowers are the definite luxury for the wedding. The season starts in late October to the early November.

Calla Lily:

Calla Lily

Large Calla Lily flowers are traditional flowers for weddings that are native to Africa. In fact, it also symbolizes the magnificent beauty of the language of flowers. Trumpet-shaped Calla Lily comes in varied colors that include pink, orange, and purple colors. In fact, it is also the light fragrant that mainly has 2 different types of Large Calla Lily flowers are used for wedding purposes. Calla Lily has long stems mainly used for making the bouquets while the small flowers are specially used for the boutonnieres. ‘Calla’ is a Greek word called “beautiful”. The most popular color is Creamy ivory but the flower is also seen in orange, mauve-pink, yellow, as well as dark purple.


Gardenia is mainly surrounded by the waxy and dark green leaves looking more beautiful that exudes the heavy scent. It has the intoxicating fragrance mainly suitable for the wedding and used for decorating a big space. This flower is a popular wedding flower that mainly symbolizes the ”happiness and purity ”. The Gardenia flowers are easily found across Southern Asia, Australia, and Africa. Gardenias could be tucked into the lovely bouquet or they could be floating in the low bowl as a centerpiece. Single gardenia would definitely make it as the wonderfully scented corsage suitable for the wedding in the desert.

Lily of the Valley:

Beautiful Lily of the Valley flowers is small and sweet-scented flowers that are popularly used for weddings. Lily of the Valley is small bell-shaped flowers mainly used for the bouquets and decorations for the wedding. This is the symbol of springtime so it signifies happiness, sweetness, and humility. White variety flowers are seen in the rosy-pink rarely.



Hydrangea is fluffy blooms are one of the hallmarks of summer so they are widely used for wedding decorations suitable for the desert condition. It is pretty much used for the bridal bouquets suitable for year long. This flower is quite amazing and versatile. Blue, Green, and White are available all year round. While Purple and Pink colored Hydrangea is seasonal. Hydrangea flowers would fill more amount of space so that it would be quite easier to get good decorative features. In fact, it is quite easier to make Hydrangea as favorite stunning arrangements. As hydrangea signifies these beautiful quotes ‘you are the beat of my heart’.

Hydrangea has a big bushy head along with the intense shades of pink, burgundy, blue and purple. It represents the ‘vanity’ in the Victorian language of flowers. A scentless shrub flower could be arranged for the bouquets. Along with which, few sprigs could also efficiently make it the charming boutonniere. These plants are available in more than 75 different species and they are mainly grown in America and Asia.



Beautiful Ranunculus flowers are an excellent choice for the wedding bouquets and it is much available in the variety of colors that includes yellow, orange, white, apricot, and pale. Ranunculus flowers are small in size, inexpensive, and contain multiple petals. Beautiful Ranunculus flowers tend to be expensive. White pink-orange are quite a famous option for the wedding and they have the only short shelf life that also efficiently makes it quite luxurious.


Victorian Meaning of “Stephanotis” of the flower is the “marital happiness”. It would also make dainty white Stephanotis suitable for the modern wedding. Stephanotis is star-shaped and waxy florets that grow in the flowering vine. The common name for Stephanotis is Madagascar Jasmine or Jasmine. Each flower is individually wired and placed onto the special holder. Moderately priced and Mildly scented flowers are much more suitable for decorating the wedding bouquet. These stephanotis flowers are priced moderately. Stephanotis flowers are expensive and delicate.

Sweet peas:

Sweet peas

Sweet peas signify the lasting pleasure and it has been first brought from Sicily to England in 1699. English has a love affair with delicate flowers. Beautiful and candy-like scent with the ruffled blossoms also made the old-fashioned favorite suitable for the bouquets for the bride as well as bridesmaids. Sweet Pea also has many number of colors ranges from the intense to white pinks and purples. The Sweet peas scent is sweet and strong. It is a beautiful and quite amazing luxury option for the wedding in the desert.

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