10 Endemic Flowers Of Saudi Arabia

10 Endemic Flowers Of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the popular country for desert, due to the lack of soil and water and other factors also makes life tough for plants in this region but the one amazing in the natural world is the sight of the desert is also turning green. During the spring season, we can able to see the beautiful sights. Flowers also bloom up to enhance the beauty of this city. Normally, the wildlife of Saudi Arabia has always varied even it has several geographic regions, as well as the diversity of plants as well as animals adapted to particular habitats. It is a popular country for high mountains and deserts. Saudi Arabia has a desert climate and also features high temperatures during the day as well as low annual rainfall.

However, the flora of Saudi Arabia also consists of 2285 species that also distributed across the country. Of course, most of the species grow on mountains, meadows, and wadis but only 2.5% of the plant species are endemic. Here is the list of 10 Endemic flowers of Saudi Arabia

1. Blood Lily

Blood lily is one of the attractive flowers than can be highly found in Saudi Arabia. Of course, these flowers otherwise called Scadoxus multiflora. First of all this flower has a purple-spotted stem that greatly adds beauty and elegance.  This bulbous plant is commonly found in this country as well as widely grown ornamentally. People love to enjoy its beauty due to its brightly colored flowers.

Blood Lily

2. Tamarix Gallica 

Tamarix Gallica is common in Saudi Arabia and it can be found among the Mediterranean, apart from that this plant is grown for ornamental purposes as well as it provides nice feel and effects. The vibrant display of the tiny pink flower spikes will attract both locals and travelers. Apart from that, this will create a great illusion. Most importantly, it is also used by some in Northern Africa as a medicine for different issues like diarrhea and rheumatism. Even Tamarix Gallica popular for its unique color, these tiny flowers hold great properties and it has its own fragrance.

3. Red acacia 

Red acacia is one of the most attractive flowers that can be rarely found in this country. Red acacia is the most beautiful flower that highly attracts both locals and tourists. The stunning color will make this flower unique among others and this plant is also considered as an important source for Arabic gum. Overall, it is the common flower that brings majestic feel. Red acacia is also considered as the main attraction of this country because of its attractive color. These flowers are not bright red but highly attractive. The clusters of flowers create a great impression as well as it will enhance the complete beauty of the luxuriant feathery leaves.

Red acacia


4. Jasminum grandiflorum

The Jasmine flowers are highly popular across the world and it is also renowned for their fragrance. In general, these kinds of flowers are also grown in many pockets across Saudi Arabia. Usually, Jasminum grandiflorum flowers only need a warm temperate as well as subtropical atmosphere to grow. These kinds of flowers are highly found in the mountainous regions and these flowers are also used in many modern-day perfumes. Jasminum grandiflorum ensures the majestic beauty of any place, even it can also love by all age groups of people. Most of the people love to grow these flowers in their garden due to its sweet fragrance.

Jasminum grandiflorum

5. Salvia tingitana

Salvia tingitana is one of the most attractive flowers across the country and plant native is Northern Africa. It is the unique f flowers because the lower lip of the flower has a lot of attractive features that allow it to differ from others. Everyone enjoys the beauty of these flowers while seeing it. The plant is bi-colored and the dull yellow color combination will make this ideal from other plans, the yellow color is also present in its lower lip. These ideal options make this flower more unique, as well as the upper lip combined with the striking hue of lavender. On the whole, it is one of the most attractive flowers that gives a nice look.

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6. White Saxaul

White Saxaul is one of the popular flowers in this country and it is the small-sized tree, normally found in the deserts. Mostly these trees also bloom for a very short span of time. Especially these flowers are also found in Central Asia and the Middle East. You can enjoy the beauty of these flowers during the months of May and June. These are the most attractive flowers that make both locals and travelers happy. Most importantly these flowers also hold unique fragrance that provides a fresh feel. It is the most favorite flower options among the people and also different from others.

7. Cemetery Iris

Cemetery Iris is one of the popular flowers in Saudi Arabia and another name of this flower is Iris Albicans. It is the most attractive flower found among Saudi that holds unique characteristics. However, it is the wonderful flowers that can be commonly found in this country. It is the species of iris; we can find these flowers largely in the Middle East and North Africa.

Cemetery Iris is ideal for its fan-shaped inflorescence even these also contained 2 or 3 flowers most importantly, these flowers are white in color and have silvery bud, this will ensure the beauty of this flower. In general, it is the oldest iris and believed to be either in Saudi Arabia and Yemen for its unique characteristics.

Cemetery Iris


8. Achillea Biebersteinii 

Achillea Biebersteinii is the common plant in the country and it has flat heads that also containing tiny yellow flowers. Generally, these flowers are grown in colonies. In addition, these plants and flowers are also contained great medicinal properties so they can be used in different ways.


Achillea Biebersteinii 


9. Kudu or Desert Rose 

Kudu or Desert Rose is the most attractive choice across the people in Saudi because it has vibrant color combinations that create a great illusion. It is strikingly beautiful and many variants of this species available across the country.
The flowers also bloom in any season that gives an attractive look. The attractive color combination adds the ultimate beauty to any place. Normally, these plants found in Sahel Region of Africa even it is also used as the arrow poison in Africa. Usually, these plants always have more flowers than leaves this unique characteristic makes this plant ideal for home, or office or any other area. Even it has unique properties so these kinds of flowers are highly popular across the country.

Kudu or Desert Rose


10. Sycamore

It is one of the fig species and also in cultivation for thousands of years. Overall, this plant grows easily and commonly found in the southern part of the country. Especially the fruiting, as well as the flowering of the plant, also occurs year-round. First of all, flowers are of white color but also have attractive multicolored bud. It is the specialty of the flower. The flowers and fruits are highly popular and attractive even these are also born in dense clusters.

There are many attractive flowers that also bloom in the country but these are the popular options among others. These are finely blooming endemic flowers of Saudi Arabia.

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