Where to Start With Wedding Flowers

A lovely bouquet in the hands of a bride, chirpy bridesmaids helping each other with their corsages, boutonnieres adorning the suit of the groomsmen, elaborate centerpieces on reception tables – wherever you turn your eyes to at a wedding, you’ll see flowers. They are an important component of weddings for a reason, even if trends come and go. They allow you to show your particular flair and originality whilst being beautiful to look at (and a centuries-old wedding ritual). However, if you don’t know where to start or how to pick wedding flowers, the task may seem more difficult than you’d like. Don’t you fret ’cause below is a list of pointers you need to keep in mind before you start picking flowers for your wedding.

Allocate a budget for flowers

Where to Start with Budgeting For Wedding Flowers

That is Step 1 in selecting wedding flowers. Keep in mind that flowers and décor take up a major portion of your complete wedding budget. The amount of money you can set aside for flowers, as well as the types of flowers you can use in your arrangements, will be determined by your overall wedding budget. So, sit down with your partner and figure out how much you’re both willing to spend. A lot of couples spend up to 8 to 10 per cent of their wedding budget. For couples on a tighter budget, prioritizing certain types of greenery wedding ideas or other floral accents can be a gorgeous and cost-effective alternative, while a larger budget will allow for more decorative designs and costlier flowers.

Ask your married friends about their wedding florists.

Wedding Magazines

Request for recommendations from newlyweds you know, read reviews, and browse wedding magazines – these are some of the best ways to find your florist. If you’re working with a wedding planner or a professional wedding coordinator, they should be able to recommend some florists in the vicinity. Make appointments with a small group of florists so you can meet in person and look at their portfolios. You would want to book someone six to eight months out. Florists book up quickly, especially during peak season (May to September), so start vetting them along with some of your other vendors early in the planning process and book one as soon as possible.

Do your research before meeting the florist.

Where to Start with Researching Wedding Flowers

Before you begin talking to florists, take some time to figure out what you want and what it’s called. The names of flowers and floral words, such as bouquet types (posy, cascade, and Biedermeier), arrangements, and other specifics, are the key things you’ll need to know. You don’t have to become an overnight wedding flower expert. But if you’re unfamiliar with some of the most common blossoms, it’s better to conduct some research before meeting with your florist. Take some time to learn about the most popular wedding flowers. Decide if you want scented blooms or not. Go to www.arabianflora.com, educate yourself. Because when you’re chatting with your florist, knowing a little floral jargon will be helpful.

Keep inspo pictures handy.

Where to start with your Dreamy Wedding

Start by researching wedding flower trends or looking at wedding photographs on Pinterest. You might come across floral designs that you adore. Also, don’t be scared to look for inspiration in unexpected areas! No matter where you source the inspiration from, don’t forget to carry pictures with you. Your florist will be on cloud nine if you bring pictures of what you are looking forward to at your wedding. It makes their work so much easier as they have an exact image before them about your expectations. 

Remember that flowers are seasonal.

Remember to talk to your florist about  seasonal flowers

Talk to your florist about what’s in bloom at the time of your wedding, and try to include those flowers into your arrangements. Beautiful flowers are also available all year. If you’re getting hitched during the hot summer months or just outside where elements like wind and chill might play a role, you’ll need your flowers to last. There’s no rule that states you have to use flowers that are in season. But out-of-season blossoms may be difficult for your florist to source and, as a result, will cost you more. Find replacements that achieve the same look if your favourite blooms aren’t in season.

Color coordinate the flowers.

 Color Coordinated Flowers

Your wedding flowers should, in general, reflect the event’s style and aesthetic. If you’re having a black-tie wedding, your flowers should be more traditional to avoid appearing out of place. You can go a little more creative with your flowers if your big day is more relaxed and informal, such as mix-and-match centrepieces, handcrafted details, or looser, garden-style arrangements. Traditional bridal blooms like peonies and roses come in tighter bunches for a classic look, while luxuriant arrangements of soft, large blooms add a romantic touch. You must visit our website www.arabianflora.com to gain a better understanding of which flowers would go best for which occasion.

Embarking on the marvellous journey of selecting your wedding flowers is therefore exciting…but intimidating too! Knowing where to start with your wedding flowers goes in an extended manner once it involves you achieving the planning you would like on your massive day. Make sure you do not falter when it comes to your wedding flowers. Meanwhile, hop over to our website if you want to buy some fresh flowers. 

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