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Flowers in a glass vase will add charm and beauty to any house. Send flowers in a glass vase to your near and dear ones and gift them some beautiful blooms in a vase of glass to add charm to their house. Our same-day delivery services will make sure your order reaches on time, every time.

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Graceful Garden Graceful Garden Buy Now
4.5 (122)

Graceful Garden

USD 50.00
QAR 180.00
Stunning White Stunning White Buy Now
4.4 (59)

Stunning White

USD 63.00
QAR 228.00
Warm Glow 30 Warm Glow 30 Buy Now
4.3 (16)

Warm Glow 30

USD 130.00
QAR 475.00
Abundance Love Abundance Love Buy Now
3.9 (142)

Abundance Love

USD 128.00
QAR 465.00
Love Struck 200 Love Struck 200 Buy Now
4.4 (74)

Love Struck 200

USD 581.00
QAR 2114.00
Be Still My Heart Be Still My Heart Buy Now
3.9 (175)

Be Still My Heart

USD 103.00
QAR 377.00
Splendid Bouquet Splendid Bouquet Buy Now
4.3 (58)

Splendid Bouquet

USD 74.00
QAR 268.00
Classicaly Classicaly Buy Now
4.8 (128)


USD 103.00
QAR 377.00
White Tulips White Tulips Buy Now
4 (45)

White Tulips

USD 144.00
QAR 524.00
Classically Classically Buy Now
4 (122)


USD 112.00
QAR 406.00
Roses and Chocolates Roses and Chocolates Buy Now
3.9 (51)

Roses And Chocolates

USD 46.00
QAR 168.00
Precious Memories Precious Memories Buy Now
4 (25)

Precious Memories

USD 52.00
QAR 188.00
Softly Speaking Softly Speaking Buy Now
4 (92)

Softly Speaking

USD 47.00
QAR 172.00
You're special You're special Buy Now
3.8 (21)

You're Special

USD 47.00
QAR 171.00
Istant Smile Istant Smile Buy Now
4.7 (95)

Istant Smile

USD 87.00
QAR 316.00
Sensational Color Sensational Color Buy Now
4.8 (24)

Sensational Color

USD 112.00
QAR 406.00
Delightful Red Delightful Red Buy Now
4.9 (12)

Delightful Red

USD 101.00
QAR 367.00
Holiday Bouquet Holiday Bouquet Buy Now
4.9 (39)

Holiday Bouquet

USD 68.00
QAR 248.00
Growing Love Growing Love Buy Now
3.9 (124)

Growing Love

USD 147.00
QAR 535.00
Sweetness & Light Sweetness & Light Buy Now
4.3 (33)

Sweetness & Light

USD 79.00
QAR 287.00
Feminine and fabulous Feminine and fabulous Buy Now
4.5 (64)

Feminine And Fabulous

USD 191.00
QAR 696.00
Beautiful Choice Beautiful Choice Buy Now
4.4 (15)

Beautiful Choice

USD 79.00
QAR 287.00
Romantic Holiday Romantic Holiday Buy Now
4.5 (21)

Romantic Holiday

USD 84.00
QAR 307.00
Sunshine Fields Sunshine Fields Buy Now
4.3 (74)

Sunshine Fields

USD 204.00
QAR 743.00
Long Stems Roses in Vase Long Stems Roses in Vase Buy Now
4.8 (175)

Long Stems Roses In Vase

USD 82.00
QAR 297.00
With Love With Love Buy Now
4.5 (165)

With Love

USD 74.00
QAR 268.00
Enchanting red Enchanting red Buy Now
4.3 (53)

Enchanting Red

USD 118.00
QAR 431.00
Sweet Splendor Sweet Splendor Buy Now
4.8 (24)

Sweet Splendor

USD 114.00
QAR 414.00
Colorful Bliss Colorful Bliss Buy Now
4.2 (69)

Colorful Bliss

USD 224.00
QAR 817.00
Cupids Bow Cupids Bow Buy Now
4.2 (14)

Cupids Bow

USD 28.00
QAR 103.00
Magnificent Magnificent Buy Now
4.5 (23)


USD 109.00
QAR 397.00
Memorable Moments Memorable Moments Buy Now
4.4 (46)

Memorable Moments

USD 110.00
QAR 401.00
Someone Special Someone Special Buy Now
4.7 (12)

Someone Special

USD 87.00
QAR 316.00
Lovely Red Posy Lovely Red Posy Buy Now
5 (26)

Lovely Red Posy

USD 76.00
QAR 278.00
Blushing Tulips Blushing Tulips Buy Now
3.8 (126)

Blushing Tulips

USD 114.00
QAR 415.00
Morning Glory 30 Morning Glory 30 Buy Now
4.3 (36)

Morning Glory 30

USD 292.00
QAR 1065.00
Wildly Romantic Bouquet Wildly Romantic Bouquet Buy Now
4.9 (45)

Wildly Romantic Bouquet

USD 114.00
QAR 414.00
Simply Irresistible Simply Irresistible Buy Now
4.2 (103)

Simply Irresistible

USD 69.00
QAR 252.00
Sweetest Woman Sweetest Woman Buy Now
4.2 (27)

Sweetest Woman

USD 74.00
QAR 268.00
Secret Admirer Secret Admirer Buy Now
4.6 (37)

Secret Admirer

USD 46.00
QAR 169.00
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ArabianFlora - Delivery Happiness and Gorgeous Blooms

ArabianFlora brings you a wide range of exotic flowers arranged beautifully in glass vases of all shapes and sizes. Our vases are available in various popular shapes like cylindrical, square, rectangular, and so many more options which you can explore. And that’s not all! You can also choose from the beautifully and colourfully adorned glass vases from our array of options. With a massive variety of luxury collections of flowers available in countries like Oman, Egypt, Cyprus and many more, our online flower delivery in Oman services guarantee safe and swift delivery of your flowers in a glass vase.

Add Elegance to Your Homes and Online Flower Delivery

Our team of expert florists will hand pick every flower for your floral arrangement in a glass vase and curate them with perfection. We promise that you will receive only the best flowers in your online flower delivery in Jordan from ArabianFlora. We deliver to several countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey and many more. These flowers in a glass vase will not only add elegance but bring a fragrant environment to your home. Hence, this is why flowers in a glass vase make a great housewarming gift.

With so many exotic flowers to choose from, ranging from evergreen roses, fresh lilies, bright tulips to beautiful gerberas, you can pair your online flower delivery in Turkey with a glass vase of your choice and gift a gorgeous flower vase to your loved ones for their new space. After all, what could be better than some beautiful and blooming flowers to make a place fragrant and breath-taking. So, order flowers in a glass vase online and gift lovely blossoms in Egypt, Oman, or Kuwait.

Receive Flowers in a Glass Vase Instantly

ArabianFlora offers same-day flower delivery services to many cities and hard to reach localities in countries like Bahrain and Qatar. We offer safe and hassle-free delivery of your flowers in a glass vase right to your doorstep in just a couple of hours. All you have to do is select your choice of blooms in a glass vase, put in your choice of country and delivery address and place your order. ArabianFlora will make sure your family or friends receive their premium flowers in a glass vase.

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